Free platform desktop sharing tool Mikogo

Mikogo is an easy-to-use cross-platform desktop sharing tool, ideal for web conferencing, online meetings or remote support.

And you can download
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One of the great advantages of Mikogo is that there is no need to upload your presentation files before you start a free desktop sharing session. Mikogo allows you to conduct web presentations on the fly, so you can be flexible in your presentations and share any document or application on your computer, including presentation files.
This makes Mikogo your ideal solution to free web presentations as it allows you to switch between as many files as you wish during your presentation, and open up further applications and documents to be shared with your presentation participants.
And it’s all too easy to make presentations with Mikogo: Start a Mikogo session, your participants join, open your presentation files, and your participants can then watch your presentation live as you flick through the slides.

Share with Mikogo

Mikogo is a great way to share your screen in real-time over the Internet with colleagues, clients, friends, or family. You’ll find many situations where sharing your screen content live via the web will save you time and money, and will consequently be the best course of action.
Analyze the latest sales forecast spreadsheet, make a professional sales pitch, read over a university group project, or share your latest holiday photos with family interstate or even overseas.
Furthermore, using Mikogo’s file transfer feature, you can send files to your participants at any point in time during the meeting.


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