Flagship Nokia Meego N9 phone pics leaked


ImageNokia’s been working on its new Meego platform for a while now, and details about the first device to use it should be coming out any day now, but until then we have to rely on stuff like these photos that were recently leaked.

A forum poster on Chinese language site Baidu.com put out these clear, high-quality photos claiming they are of Nokia’s N9, a device Nokia has confirmed will be the first to run with the new Meego operating system but has declined to provide any official photos of.

ImageMeego will for all intents and purposes be Nokia’s response to the colossal uprising of competing smartphone platforms iPhone and Android. Unlike most phone manufacturers that use third-party software to power the device’s operations, Nokia, perhaps stubbornly, sticks exclusively to its own internally developed operating systems. Its Symbian platform once had a commanding presence in North America. But as times changed, Nokia did not. It is the largest phone manufacturer that does not have a handset running on Android.

Still the undisputed leader in global handset sales, spurred largely by its dominance in under-developed parts of the world, Nokia is rapidly fading into obsolescence in the US. It hopes Meego can help change that.


However, if these photos are genuine, this is not going to be an easy climb for Nokia. Despite having a nice-looking screen and full Qwerty keyboard, the device looks unabashedly bland. Besides, it may be too little too late. Consumers are already becoming very familiar with Android and/or the iPhone operating system. Most are unlikely to be willing to give a different platform a fair shake.

Source : http://www.tgdaily.com/mobility-brief/51159-flagship-nokia-meego-n9-phone-pics-leaked



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