Facebook email in action



Finally Facebook offerd email, this offered in a surprising way, while logged in facebook a light popup will jump from message text and on clicking this the new upgraded message screen will appear, like above

when prompted click on claim my mail followed by Activate Email

Sending email to facebook

once claimed we can send email to a facebook user as


will list as this


composing email from facebook

Sending email from facebook will drop message in the receipiants facebook message inbox

With this email what we can do ?

From any email client we can send message to facebook users, here contact suggession will popdown for easy selection.

can send email to any mail boxes with full address, here we need to supply full emails for email sending

the receipiant will get email header as

from Abhilash Nair <user@facebook.com>
sender-time Sent at 9:25 PM (GMT-08:00). Current time there: 7:55 AM. ?
to Abhilash Nair <user@emailbox.com>
date Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 9:25 PM
subject Conversation with Abhilash Nair
mailed-by facebook.com
signed-by facebook.com

compose windows eqipped with file attachments and took photo from web cam, same time an SMS option is included

the compose message window look like this



  1. like we often do with our yahoo, hotmail etc accounts where we import them via POP/IMAP and manage them with our gmail account; can we do the same for facebook?

    i tried using the "Check mail using POP3" but it didn't work; i guessing cos of the mild facebook/gmail faceoff.

    anyone willing to share any tips?


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