Extend Your Laptop/netbook Battery Life


Now it’s the year of mobile devices, desktops turned Laptops , laptops to smaller laptops then to netbooks and to palmtops, smartphones and recently to tablets., aspects changed, size changed and technology changed , then what’s unchanged , battery, even battery is changing from time to time in its chemistry this is the most important spare of all the devices , because with out electricity nothing is possible

Now in to battery , almost all laptops in earlier days is coming with a maximum of 3 hour backups, this is why the batteries are of 4 cells and processor the same as of desktops , and some factors with its LCD/TFT displays

same the case of mobile phones, they also carry smaller batteries and larger displays and obeviously back ups will get down

later netbooks came , here electronics changed a lot and consumption decreased notably, and as its reversely proportional battery life increased to maximum of 4 – 5 hour range

this is fair but is not sufficient in these busy days and then 6 cell batteries with considerably smaller size released with netbooks and now all these offer 6- 10 hr backups


what ever the case we need to take some steps to make our battery health good,

now in to battery charge and discharge are done with opposite polarities, that is the way it get charged is not the way its discharging, so doing both this at  the same time is not adviced, now this is overcome in latest laptops and pcs , the switching mechanism automatically balanced the charge and discharge system

but no mechanism can complete battery cycle with out our attention, here a fully charged battery need to be discharged fully to complete its one cycle and again charging will open another cycle , these cycles are very important in the lifecycle of cells

what I am saying is don’t through out charge laptops and use it plugged after, keep it discharging while you type and recharge whenever its getting down critically , you will see the life increasing visibly

one more thing my experience is keeping the temperature steady will increase your battery life

the most important thing is donot use universal charger or third-party chargers to branded PCS, realize the thing branded PCs are designed by experts who care a lot for its battery and charger , they designed the charger to best suit its amp and voltage levels , plugging an incompatible charger may impact badly

don’t unplug battery while its discharging,


abhilash, is a programmer by profession and a technology addict with a passion towards browsing , shopping and imaging . My views may be biased on reviews. all images and videos are copyrighted to respective owners.

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