Ebusiness and E commerce


what is the difference between E business and E commerce , this is a very basic question and the answer in details is not that simple to digest

E business as it sounds is the business in electronic form. E business contains business presented, business executed, busineess expanded with the aim of Information Technology. where e commerce is  a specific area where commerce is making possible with IT

All E commerce are E business where all E business may not be e commerce

For a typical case let us took two cases

1. case of a Feature film

2. a book selling website

in the former case the film website is meant for publicity of the site and may contain details of its title , short description, stills , video clips and people involved in the creation, the visitors cannot do much with the site apart from getting information from the site and at the most make some comments or contacts as they provided links there

Latter is different from this case , the book selling website should have so many areas,  like book show case where all books should listed and give details of each book up on request

add more books time to time

update rates of books according to market

collect cash from visitord who tends to buy books,

pass data to the back office when an order execute s etc etc

this is the case of e commerce where commerce is being executed via e business


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