dell inspiron 1018 netbook


The Inspiron Mini 10 is an affordable and lightweight netbook that doesn’t sacrifice any of the features you desire. In addition to long battery life2, Genuine Windows® 7 and powerful Intel® processing, the new Inspiron Mini 10 boasts new options such as Wireless-N, DDR3 memory, a generous 250GB4 hard drive.

The Inspiron™ Mini 10 lets you watch movies, listen to music, edit videos and upload to the Web to share your life with family and friends from almost anywhere.

Powerful Performer

With long-lasting battery life2 (up to 7 hours, 18 minutes), you’ll be able to do more of what you want and stay connected6 longer

Beautiful View
The Inspiron Mini 10 boasts a seamless 10.1-inch white light-emitting diode (WLED) display featuring a 16:9 aspect ratio that brings all your entertainment to life in stunning bright colors.
Maximum Connectivity
The Inspiron Mini 10 is built for today and tomorrow. Stay connected6 wherever you go with the new internal 802.11n WiFi connection, as well as optional Bluetooth® 2.1. It’s lightweight design, including built-in webcam and microphone, will let you travel light while keeping up with your video chat, instant messenger and e-mail so you never lose touch with family and friends.
Smart design
The Inspiron Mini 10 is the perfect travel companion that brings you sophisticated elegance in addition to processing power.
The Inspiron Mini 10 features a keyboard 92% the size of a traditional laptop keyboard. And a touchpad design with discrete buttons means you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or productivity.
Hard drive
Store all your photos, music and videos and easily access them anytime you want with an optional 250GB4 hard drive.
Premium design features sleek styling with soft curves, rounded edges and high-gloss black finish.
Fun Features
Take advantage of all the fun the Inspiron™ Mini 10 has to offer.
Support today’s bandwidth-hungry applications with Wireless-N, which lets you browse the Internet faster
than Wireless-G, the networking standard most laptops
are still using.
Get the most out of your Inspiron Mini 10 with up to 7 hours, 18 minutes of battery life.2
Hold on to more of your content with an optional 250 GB4 hard drive.

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My Experience

I bought this on 25th No  2010  , at the time this is shipped with Windows 7 starter edition and Office 2010 starter

First of all brand value , i am a dead fan of Dell, Dell always carry Quality

Display , cool vivid display

Key Board : stylish and smooth keyboard with shortcuts for WLAN, Bluetooth,brightness,sound,battery,mode,context menu

Built quality : Fantastic with plastic stuff

memory = 2GB

HDD 250 GB

OS Supports : windows/Ubuntu . both good

Bluetooth : Motorola built in performed well

Touchpa: good but personaly i dont prefer Touchpad i m using a logitech external mouse instead

Webcam : Verygood with Skype

Sound built in  single speaker , no stereo sound

usb : only 2

bluetooth gprs : speed not satisfactory

Battery : above 5.5 Hours getting on this First week, Expecting more



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