Ctrl + C to send text and images to Google, Facebook,Twitter,Word and more



Even little kids know the key combination Ctrl + C for copying contents application wide and in between applications. The reason behing this popularity is , this combination remains same in various platforms from PC to mobile then even to tablets


  • You can Ctrl + C an image to facebook with out visiting facebook
  • Ctrl + C an image to import to word
  • Ctrl + C some text in PDF to google with it…


Clickto is such an application to do things this simple


To get Clickto on your machine goto http://www.clicktoapp.com/installation/

Download and install the app. Once installed it will appear on the tray, from here we can set services right from options dialog


Transfering text with Ctrl + C

Select desired services and for testing open your text editor and type some text there , select the text and press Ctrl + C



When we apply the key combination our selected services will list their as icons and we can strainghtly forward this text to the selected service or application

Transfering Images

Select an image on desktop and apply Ctrl + C


Select desired icon and see the image get transfered to the selected service / application, i m adding snapshot for Facebook transfer 🙂

A Dialog will confirm the image and you may edit title of the image from here, up on Pressing Go Clickto app will post the image to Facebook, for one time you have to give your facebook credentials and authorise the app, next onwards it l not ask you to login




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