creating a mobile friendly website, things to consider


mobile browsing is getting good market day by day.almost all leading websites have its own mobile friendly version to view correctly on all leading mobile devices

mobile browsing has its owm primitives and limitations , the key difference is the screen size its around 1/6 or less from that of a pc

web sites with width and height defined beyond the limit of device screen may cause scroll bars in horizintal and this is not advisable in case of this small screen browsing

secondly even qwerty phones are available numeric keys are combined with alphabets and long press and key combinations are used in mobiles , this also should get proper engineered in mobile web sites

next is mobile automation, here in web sites we have email and websites links, likeway in mobile websites we need to stimulate some more actions from with in the pages , some of these are.. Users should be able to make

phone calls

from text links

for eg. 9999999999
should be limked to call from phone or sms

so the above two should be considered with mobile web techniques

and if a site is having a field for mobile phone number that field should be designed to accept characters by defauly with length limitation if needed

this can be achieved by STYLE SHEET parameters

all these parameters and techniques with examples will be detailed in the next article which is supposed to air by next week


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