Create your visiting cards with QR Code online as ready to Print PDF , Completely Free



Visiting Card creation is not this easy never before that too with latest QR Codes. Here procedure consumes two online service

1. Visiting Card Creation



Start Creating yours from here :

here replacing the default image with QR Code is a good idea, this way we can make much professional visiting cards. So before filling out the fields lets create the QR Code image

2. Create QR Code to place inside your visiting card


Create your QR Code from here :

The QR Code creation give options for Free Text ,URL,Phone, Number,SMS,Contact QR Codes, Create the one thet suits you and download the image


Save your QR Code and goto First step and Fill all fields, here each field carry options for Bold,Regular,Italic and Text size., after filling all fields upload the generated QR Code and press preview followed by download button

the formed PDF file looks like this


This is a ready to Print PDF which can be printed to desired quality


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