Create Your Own Send To menu Item in Windows Right Click Menu(context menu)


This is a regular Need for every one

Suppose We had a personal folder in D:\Personal ( i am always maintaining one for me, always encrypted 🙂 ), and daily we need our files to be copied to this form, Several options are there before us, one is to copy and paste files to this folder, another to save files to this folder from applications like notepad or word, all these are good but think if there is an image downloaded to desktop need to be saved to this folder

Steps we need to cover

1. Go to Desktop

2. right click and copy file

3. go to destination

4. right click and Paste

All these 4 steps can me shrinked to a single step if there is an option on right click menu of all files send to The preferd directory, see image below


To get menu items like this

Go to


Assuming C:\ is your Primary drive, if not change accordingly

or simply paste this to Windows Explorer address bar


Create a Short cut to the desired Directory


Now go to desktop and Right click >> send to >

There will be a menu item for Send to Personal folder ( or what ever its name is)


  1. I can’tr find out the exact path mention in the description.


    Can any one can give a more accurate folder path?


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