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The Easiest way to play mp3 online.Flash MP3 Player is a free application that allows you to play music on your website easy and fast. You won’t need any programming skills to install or use it. Just embed it into your website and player will automatically scan a specified folder and form a playlist


  • standard player controls
  • forms playlist automatically (scans specified folder for mp3-files and uses ID3v1/ID3v2 tags for naming)
  • customizable design
    fully resizable
  • autoplay option
  • autoresume option (saves playing position when user moves from page to page)
  • and of course, it’s free… 😉

Best Suited to : Flash Website, Ipod MP3



Download :

What’s included

* flashmp3player.html – demo use of the player with comments;
* default.xml – customizable settings;
* flashmp3player.swf – compiled Flash application;
* flashmp3player.php – script that scans folder for mp3-files and reads ID3 tags;
* swfobject.js – script that detects Flash.

Installation tips

Step 1

Copy all files to your webserver and try running flashmp3player.html. You should be able to listen demo songs. If it works, then move to the next step.
Note: Your server should support PHP for this script to work.

Step 2

You need to embed player into your webpages. You can copy and paste code from flashmp3player.html or from here.
Note: You can change the location of files in the following code. The path can be relative or absolute (except for mp3 folder, which should always be relative to php script).

Add this to the head of your webpage:
<!-- Location of javascript. -->
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="swfobject.js" ></script>

Add this to the body of your webpage, where you want player to appear:
<!-- Div that contains player. -->
<div id="player">
<h1>No flash player!</h1>
<p>It looks like you don't have flash player installed. <a href="" >Click here</a> to go to Macromedia download page.</p>

<!-- Script that embeds player. -->
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
var so = new SWFObject("flashmp3player.swf", "player", "290", "247", "9"); // Location of swf file. You can change player width and height here (using pixels or percents).
so.addVariable("content_path","mp3"); // Location of a folder with mp3 files (relative to php script).
so.addVariable("color_path","default.xml"); // Location of xml file with color settings.
so.addVariable("script_path","flashmp3player.php"); // Location of php script.

Note: You can change player width and height (using pixels or percents).

Add this somewhere in the body of your webpage:
Please place this link anywhere on the page that uses Flash MP3 Player.
You can style it anyway you want, but do not change or delete it.
Read the license! Thanks. :-)
Powered by <a href="">Flash MP3 Player</a>

Step 3

Upload your mp3-files to mp3 folder.

Customizing player

You can customize player looks in default.xml by changing the following variables:


scroll_bar_color Scrollbar color
scroll_bar_bg_color Scrollbar background color
arrows_color Scrollbar arrows color
border_color Borders color
buttons_color1 1st gradient color for buttons background
buttons_color2 2nd gradient color for buttons background
buttons_normal Buttons color
buttons_over Mouseover buttons color
background_color Overall background color
volume_active Active volume color
volume_inactive Inactive volume color
text_normal Song title color
text_over Mouseover song title color
text_select Selected song title color
playlist_item_normal Playlist item color
playlist_item_over Mouseover playlist item color
playlist_item_select Selected playlist item color
playlist_position Current playing position color
autoplay Starts playing on page load (on, off)
autoresume Saves playing position and volume when user moves from page to page (on, off)
default_volume Default volume (from 0 to 100)
numeration Songs numeration (on, off)
time Song timer (elapsed, remaining, total, off)


abhilash, is a programmer by profession and a technology addict with a passion towards browsing , shopping and imaging . My views may be biased on reviews. all images and videos are copyrighted to respective owners.


  • This is great except I can’t figure out two things:
    1) How do I specify the location of the .swf file etc in an absolute way, eg ?? I tried using “/playlist” but it doesn’t seem to work– only “playlist” seems to work with the .html file in the root. How do I specify a folder that is underneath the current folder? (my file structure is such that I need to reference the player from a page that uses pretty urls and thus I cannot put the files in a subfolder)

    2) Is the song listing limited to 13 songs? Only 13 are showing up for me, but I have many more in the folder…

    If you could help with this it would be greatly appreciated.

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