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Here is a coll tool offering your keyword for FREE with just a few clicks, offers in US and INDIA , is an SMS based query system that can be accessed without

  • Premium tariff
  • Internet
  • GPRS

What they are doing here is simple, for both INDIA and US they got two dedicated Numbers

  • INDIA = 9243342000
  • US = SMS to TXTWEB (or 898932)

Up on registering , an activation mail will fall on our inbox, activate account by clicking on the link and login with the email and password we entired

Once logged in we can create our txt site


Provide Keyword


Help Discription ( Text that receive when some one send your keyword to the Number)

finish wizard

We can create as much keywords we like,

See if we create a keyword meabi in india, and when sending @meabi to 9243342000 they will receive the text that associated with the keyword creation

The keyword owner can Edit Responses accordingly from their txtweb account

Sub keywords like @meabi.kochi also allowed with optios to

Send Response text

Forward to another keyword

or even

Invock a URL 🙂 for Developers

Website :


abhilash, is a programmer by profession and a technology addict with a passion towards browsing , shopping and imaging . My views may be biased on reviews. all images and videos are copyrighted to respective owners.

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