Create Template with Excel


1.Open Microsoft Excel.

2.Create your Excel spreadsheet to suit your needs. When doing so, consider repetitive items that you foresee new spreadsheets requiring, such as company logos, copyright footnotes, data headers, number formats, borders, colors and baseline data.

3.Click the top-left “Office” button, then click “Save As” when you finish formatting your spreadsheet. This opens the “Save As” dialog window.
4.Click the drop-down menu after “Save as type,” then select “Excel Template (*.xltx).”

5.Enter a name for your template into the “File name” field, but keep the default location as it is.

6.Click “Save” to save your template. From now on, you can click the “Office” button, select “New” and choose your template under the “My Templates” category in the left pane of the “New Workbook” window.



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