Create Facebook App From scratch part 1



Facebook applications are of several types. in this tutorial i m detailing how to create the simplest form of facebook application in minutes

to start with go to :



Give an App Name and Check Agree button

Press Create App, after security check you will be directed to the main page


Here 6 more tabs are there in left first we need to fill all fields of first tab ie. About

Lets look in to all in details, almost all are self explanatory the rest is narrated in quotes


  • Application Name

  • Description

  • Icon

  • Logo

  • Language

  • User Support Address :

specify way to contact via web url or by email

  • Contact Email

  • Privacy Policy URL

  • Terms of Service URL




Here provide

Site URL : Fully qualified URL


Site Domain : domain part

here provide

Next is


Facebook Integration


here consider only a little of fields

1. Canvas page , i enter it as meabifb

2.canvas url is the url of the page we want as the home page of the app, this is a page in our control, means a page in our web server

i m taking

3. leave all page blank for this time later on articles will explain all these in detail


for this article i am not going to rest of the tabs, lets have a look at the application in action


click on Go to App, and this will be the URL :



this is the page in my side , and i am free to make any changes in this page and i can invite friends to the page content right from facebook


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