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QR Code stands for Quick Response code and is a two dimentional code, that can read using a smart phone with QR Code reader. Almost all smartphone shipped with QR Code readers and for those there is no QR Reader is installed a good number of FREE Readers are readily available in the market.if you have no QR Reader do download one that suits you.

QR CODE can bear piece of information in the picture. This can be URL,Phone number , Eemail , Youtube video etc..Now a days printing QR codes in busines card is getting huge opularity

Apart from moble phones , now QR Code readers availabl for Computers too., here is one Adobe AIR Based app which work with your web cam,

Remember ADOBE AIR is needed here , download from here



QR Codes bring a great level of accuracy and Convenience to Users as, one can read and store Business card information like details with the ease of one shot and time consuming also get reduced to a great extent. Again the same can include on your business campaigns including Visiting cards, Brochures, Leaflets and even in Hordings

It resembles BAR Code and in terms of availability of generators and readers QR Code is equipped with flexible solutions than BAR Code. Pasting QR Code in products also getting wider these days

Promoting a Lengthy URL got simpler with QR Code, information on a URL Can be embedd in QR and this URL is eliminated from the campaign with its length to a square for QR, brings more accuracy and convenience to the campaign


A Wide set of QR Code generators are available in the net , almost all for FREE, I personally prefer as it got features in a very flexible way




Here options to creating QR Code is separated into 4 tabs

1. Basic

Basic carry URL , EMAIL,PHONE,TEXT , VCARD(Phone contact), SMS, and Youtube Video

2. Social

Social Network URLS

3. Graphical

Can embed image

4. Map

Google Map URL

Eg. QR Code for


Contact page


Send Email


same way we can create QR Code for SMS Youtube Video


Alternate link to create QR Code:

Mobile Reader


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