cpanel the ever best hosting manager

while in our data farm for commercial linux hosting turns as a deal of good time, i heard of cpanel,one of ny friends blog was hosted in us with a cpanel powered server, after my first login to his control panel,it impressed me a lot

before cpanel i was using webmin, and with this i wa managing the entire server, everything was fine till i take a leave and when some one from our company try to start an account.

webmin was a programmming environmwent, not that easy to use with, it need a medium technical skilll for operation

and user interface is bit confusing.

again i tried plesk for windows, case was not different, complex environment there too.

cpanel is priced well but while considering a hosting farm and its employeyes cpanel will do jobs faster and smoother,

beyond simplicity cPanel made me systematic and what i expect from it is nothing before its capabilities., i learned a lot more than my linux accademics while i interact with cPanel support team

at first when i tried cPanel for the first time,my server was under NAT, and it was an issue,but some how i managed it with the support team,later they recommend me to come out from NAT and i plugged line directly to the server

this migration part upset my server for a little while but after fineturning it went fantastic

main difference between traditional servermanagement to cPanel based is file hierarchy , cpanel will order conf files in its own way

for eg. Linux holds thousands of commands and it s not that easy to masterise all, and one more thing is installation in linux need dependancy resolution and this too bit complex

again when in to more drill down options like php modules its hard to manage from shell or gui, cpanel played here also, its pretty easy to manage all these from inside cpanel whm


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