Convert WMA to mp3 using winamp

This become necessary when our music players support only mp3 and when windows media player converts only into wma. For windows media player it need additional plugin to convert directly in to mp3

This conversion can be done with the universal mp3 player winamp with out any additional plugin. to do follow these steps.

  1. goto Winamp and add those files to be converted to playlist
  2. Goto Options>> Preference ( or simply Ctrl + P)
  3. Goto Output Pludins
  4. Select NullSoft Diskwriter PluginImage
  5. Goto Converstion , Check Convertfile to format
  6. select format as MPEG Layer-3 and quality, and path to be saved accordingly
  7. Now back to winamp main screen
  8. Press Play
  9. This will not play music , this time it ll convert to file ( of .mp3 format ) to the selected directory

Video tutorial


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