cloud computing simplified

cloud computing is nothing but hosted services over internet,main aspect is as of earlier accademic days client server architecture
this is divided in to 3
    1. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS),
    2. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS),
    3. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).
    origin of cloud symbol is from the symbol of internet generally occur  in flowcharts
    The cloud computing services can buy on demand and pay for what we need only. but in conventional hosting this is not possible.
    this is the main difference between HOSTING and CLOUD
    two types of clouds are there
    1. Public Cloud
    2. Private Cloud
    Public Cloud is Serving public over net
    ie. Google App is  a Public Cloud, ie Selling Services to any one in the internet, and inside Public cloud there can be Private Cloude as insider, this is termed Virtual Private Cloud
    Private clouds is property of respected services and cannot be accessed from out side
    Infrastructure-as-a-Service gives the customer a virtual server / Storage with unique IP address., this storage and resourcescan be upgraded any time. The main advantage of the buyer is he can buy only what is necessary, pay for the needed., Customers can interact with these servers with the API from the providers. this is the most flexible way
    Platform-as-a-service is services like Software developmet tools hosted in providers server and customers can access them with APIs, Eg. googleApp where the entire software is hosted at google and customers can access their services from their own programs with google API
    software-as-a-service cloud model , software along with data resides in providers cloud and end customers can use both on a contract basis from the provider, it may be paid or FREE, depends.accounting / inventory software hosted centrally is the best example


    1. A one good practical example and advantage of cloud computing , to those who have not Microsoft office tools installed, but need to read/write files.

      1. Log in gmail
      2. on top left hand corner, you can see documents.
      3. left hand pane , cilck on ‘creat new’ – here you can select word, excel, pp…



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