Classic ASP on IIS 7 doesnt Return Error Messages to Browser

Classic ASP Scripts are fully supported in IIS7 and unfortunately they made some changes in Debug mode

asp_erorThis may trouble convensional coding mechanism a bit, unlike IIS6 , IIS7 is differ in the way of debugging, in the right angle its is good for those who is not familiar with technical error messages, but problem lays where programmers who is not able to trace this have to drop IIS7 for ever or to revert it back to IIS6. both of this will not favour Microsoft, as debugging is same as privileged as Running

Lots of websites including comes with solutions that may not help programmers, but straightaway there is one option in IIS manager

>Controlpanel>administrative tools >IIS manager(not iis6)>Under IIS >ASP>Debugging Properties>send errors to browser>

make it true and restart IIS , it may Help to view error

(this helped me on my Windows 7 but not worked in My Windows 2008  Server)


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  • One more bit for IIS 7.5 (Microsoft Server 2008 R2)

    If "Send Errors To Browser" is not working set also this:

    Error Pages -> 500 -> Edit Feature Settings -> "Detailed Erros"

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