Classic ASP Find Which button is pressed in a Form submission

in most cases when more than one form is not necessary in a request form we came to put more than one button in single form and also need to know which button is invocked for submission

to make it more clear consider a situation of editing details of a student in an eductional system here there may come a case to suspend the same one.

here we need two butttons one for Editing and the second for suspension, the form submitted to the same page

here it is possible to put two buttons on the same form with same name , say ‘button1’ one with value 1 and the second with value 2

on the action page we can take the value as


Response.Write “Clicked Button with value ” & request.form(“button1”)


when first button clicked result

Clicked Button with value 1

when second button clicked result

Clicked Button with value 2


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