Friday, January 19, 2018

Login Automatically in windows Xp-Dont ask user name and password

Even if this is not advisable, some times this login screen really frustrating those who use their machines and it prompts their simple passwords each time they switch on the machine

Disable User Account Control in Windows Vista

Go to Run Command > Type msconfig > Click on "Tools" tab. click on "Disable UAC" Press the launch button A new command window will open.When the command is done,close the window. Close Msconfig and reboot...

How to uninstall Internet Explorer 9 in Windows Vista

Go to Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel. Open Program and features > View Installed Updates > Click on Windows Internet Explorer 9. Click on Uninstall. Done

How to enable private browsing in Internet Explorer 9

What is Private Browsing? The main advantages of Private browsing 1. It will not add the list of sites in the history menu. 2. Searchbar will not be saved for autocomplete form. 3. No passwords...

Add multiple IP address to Windows 2003 Server

to assign Multiple IP addresses to windows 2003 its needed when DNS is configuing STEPS 1. Right Click  on My network Places 2. Select Connection 3. Right Click >> Properties 4.Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) 5. Click on the...

Know your Graphics card details from windows

In windows 7 Goto Run 2. type dxdiag Execute , Screen will look like this   Select display Tab details will...

How to minimise itunes to system tray

Step 1 Open itunes. Step 2 Go to edit menu > Then "Preferences" Step 3 Click on "Advanced Tab" and check mark the boxes “Show iTunes icon in system tray” and “Minimize iTunes window to system tray”. Result

New Features in IE 9

New Interface Searching in the address Bar We can search directly from the address bar.If we enter anything in the address bar,a drop down menu will display some suggettions and you can directly...

How to change default search engine in google chrome?

Open google Chrome Right Click on address bar and then click on Edit Search engines. A New window will pop up,choose a search engine name and click make default. If you want to add...

How to add application to Windows Firewall

Step 1 Go to Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel Step 2 Double click on Windows Firewall Select Allow a program through  firewall Step3 Select Add Program Button Step4 Select the application. Ok