Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Amazon in INDIA

Atlast Amazon is entering india with which enables customers to find and discover products from online and offline retailers in India and from

Mobile phone Works in Dry cell ( AA Battery)

in simple this is a phone works in standard AA Battery

Mozilla Firefox 10 Features

After 6 weeks Mozilla released Firefox 10 with developer tools for website developers for debugging ad fine turning as of dragon fly in opera and inspect element in chrome

Test your IPv6 connectivity

World IPv6 Launch is supposed to be on 6 June 2012 and IPv4 address space runs out., Major ISPs, home networking equipment manufacturers, and web companies around the world are coming...

Website Livechat with Gtalk Support

  Livechat softwares are common nowadays a wide set of application and services are available today, these can be classified into 3 1. Chat from website to the software server 2. Chat from Website...

What is IPv6

  IPV6 is the short form of Internet Protocol Version 6 which is supposed to be the next generation protocal over IPV4, As the requirement of Computer devices grow exponentially so the...

Filezilla Directrory listing Failed solution

  its often occured that filezilla cant list files from remote server , causes may be several, here is a quick solution to start transfering in just a second all you need is...

Access History in chrome with a single click

access history in single click , chrome

Create a System Restore Point in Windows 8

  First Press Win key +F in metro interface Now Goto Settings Type System Restore and Enter From results click on create a restore point click on System Partition drive and click create button Give name...

Send Photo Greetings Email ready to view inside mail with out downloading image...

Most of us send Greeting Emails from Gmail or any other Web Mail client as Image attachment, and this ofcourse will appear as Image attachment against the mail received. , Here is an alternate method of sending Images in a much impressive way