Friday, January 19, 2018

Windows 7 C Drive Full Problem – Solution

It has been troubling me since 3 months from where i started my PC on windows 7. Just after 2 weeks my primary drived started sinking interms of space and major...

Windows 7 Primary Drive full , Free Up Space

Owing to frequent security updates Windows 7 Primary drive may get filled (WinSXS Folder) to clear and free up space Goto Run , Type cmd Right click and Run As Administrator Give this command dism /online...

Convert videos using VLC player

Free and stable Video converter from VLC

The Best and Must have Cloud application to Secure your important file from 4shared

4shared the best file sharing service i ever experienced now comes with a new service called 4sync which can be run to upload our files to 4shared and access from anywhere. This is as much simple as 4shared desktop application but more friendly and light weight , the best thing i notice is its straight installtion and simple sync steps to acheive our files live on web with out a single click

Keyboard Shortcuts for Your Favourite web Sites

  Majority of net users entering the web with their favourite websites, some times it may be search engines like google or sometimes it may be social networking sites loke facebook. In some...

Google Docs as a Network Drive in your PC

  google docs , the ever popular office app cloud , is for sure got a neat interface this time, but frequent access via a browser is not that tasty in all...

Whats new in Windows 8

    Time for Desktop and Laptop is almost over, and so forth conventional desktop Oss. Ultralight Netbooks and Tablets are ruling the world with much pleasing interfces and features with high precision....

Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will support ARM microprocessors in addition to the traditional x86 & AMD ., The main point is the extremely redesigned user interface. and Windows 8 has short boot times

Ctrl + C to send text and images to Google, Facebook,Twitter,Word and more

Send Files ,images and text to Major Social Engines and Applications with Ctrl + C

How to register a DLL File in windows OS?

A DLL Stands for Dynamic Link Library.DLL is a small file that include library of functions,normally datas can be shared across multiple functions. There are two ways to register DLL in...