Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ubuntu 12.04 run a program on startup

Sometimes its necessary to run some programs on startup. Its easy to make a program run on start up

Ubuntu 12.04 Keyboard Shortcuts

Ubuntu 12.04 is a good pick for home and office use for the reason not just for its free but for its worrth sparing time on ubuntu interface. Unlike same distros ubntu always kept a distance in making things compalex . Here also the impact is not small. Ubuntu is beautiful like never before, from the very login screen it will grab attention. the best thing i found in this ubuntu is its flexibility with key board key combinations , Just look in to the following key shortcuts its worth watching :)

Outlook Express Configuration Failed

  For those who configured mails with cPanel and using OutLook , this is a common issue getting message like this The server found , bit not responding .... The issue is a clubbed...

Windows Xp Restart failed

IIt troubled be a lot, my windows XP is not at all rebooting/restarting . For a solution i googled for about 1 week and finally get in to a conclution tha...

Convert videos using VLC player

Free and stable Video converter from VLC

Duplicate photo and mp3 finder

Find duplicated music and photo files, with this freeware

Add Goto Command Prompt in Windows XP Explorer Context(right click ) menu

Adding Goto Command line option to windows Explorer Context menu wil be helpful to programmers who do a lot with command prompts, To acheive this do little registry Editing , here is the steps

How to remove stucked print jobs in windows

Printers got stuck often in windows and when ever it released it may cause more number of prints which may not need, Normal cancelling cant help us stright from the printer dialogs , in such cases these steps will help

Copy , Paste text in Linux Terminal and Putty

Copy Paste text short cuts in SSH Clients and Linux Terminals

compress your images to smaller disk sizes maintaing quality

Compressing images, a frequent job consumes a significant time of developers who deal a good number of images. Normally requires photoshop like heavy tools to open and convert images, To avoid these main applications in to this small needs and to screen , its good to consider Caesium