Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Turn Your USB Internet connection to a WiFi Hotsopt and share easily

Use single USB internet connections between WiFi enabled Laptops, Turn your Windows PC a Wifi hotspot

Opera Mini 6.1 and Opera Mobile 11.1 Top ranked browsers and its key features

The reason behind this immense popularity for opera mini is nothing but its cross platform compatibility and its uniform nature in all platforms. and in my experiece its continuosly delivering features with each releases. This time opera mini 6.1 comes with a lot functional and appearance enhancements never before.

Windows 2008 CDONTS Mail sending Failed

Microsoft stopped supporting CDONTS from 2008, try CDOSYS for further sending   <% Set msg=CreateObject("CDO.Message") ...

How to Monitor Your Kids On The Internet

key loggers are the best tools to monitor users activity in a computer list of keyloggers thigs to do 1. install keylogger software and activate it with its key if it demands it 2.Hide...

Domain based email with google App Free Edition

  Googlapp offers Gmail Web based email clients as a hosted solution with google servers for Non Profit ventures with simple steps we can sign up with...


    SmartLife Plans   MRP (Rs.) Local + National + Roaming (Mins) Data Bonus Data 350 700 200 MB 0 500 1000 500 MB 0 750 1500 750 MB 0 1000 2000 1.25 GB 0 2000 5000 2 GB 0 Special Tariff Vouchers Data Packs       MRP (Rs.) Data Validity (Days) 90 200 MB 30

airtel ,aircel,idea,docomo gprs connection failed -Solution

i created a dialup connection with bluetooth modem and tried with blank user id and password No used to dial *99# after this i tried User id=password=mynumber and number with *99***1# and *99***7# from some...

Web browser popularity

This is to share the browser usage percentage for my website visits Leading stars Firefox and Chrome

500 internal server error

this a general error for hosted sites mostly in cpanel based sites error seems like this Internal Server Error ...

Post to Facebook,twitter ,picassa,flickr Directly From Mobile camera (nokia)

  Pixel pipe lets us to upload media to pixel pipe and to add to all networks from pixel pipe account This site offer almost all social networks in singl account To use this...