Run google chrome as root in ubuntu 12.04

Its frustrating that google chrome installed as a different user failed to run while logged in as root. , even if its understood root is the super user. In such cased lets do some system file edits to tell...

google story builder- Create your own Videos

  Google Story Builder , a new tool from google lets us to create our own short videos with text animations. google story builder suppports supports text transitions along Click Get Started Button Here...

Block websites from google search results

Google chrome extension Personal Blocklist (by Google) lets chrome users to block websites that they dont like to appear on search results. This come relevant when some of these sites displayed in top of...

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Create Movies with Picassa

  creating Movies with your photos is a breeze with picassa, just follow these steps to make one for you Open Picassa click on the Movie Icon   in the movie maker window click on clips tab Clcik on get more...

Google Code Search

This is a search engine for Developers from google


this lab feature again lets us to filter on various terms