Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Facebook , Twitter , Google plus Graphics Image Sizes

For Better Results our social media pages should be of the defined sizes from what the engineers decide , here is a list of images and recommended size for you to...

Google Nexus 7 Specifications , Reviews, Highlights and drawbacks

  The competion is getting tight , First IPAD next Galaxy Android and now Google nexus, tablet from google, Even if the hardware is not from google, android os on its farm...

google play

Google launched play ( as an entertainment shop with more than 45000 apps , tons of songs, games etc. the main point about play is its is a cloud applicaion ....

Schedule Email in Gmail for a Later time

Gmail Email Scheduling , ( only from chrome)

Download All your Google Data with Google Take Out

As the widest service provider over internet services from google consumed by immense number of users world wide, and its a worthy feature from google to give full data from their server ( user specific) to all its users for download. THe Service is termed Google Take Out. With this service you can download data in +1s,Buzz,Circles,Contacts,Docs,Knol,Picasa Web Albums,Profile,Stream,Voice in simple steps.

Type anywhere in your regional language

  Here is a google product which allows to type in your language in just a click to any LANGUAGE Head to : Select your language and Download IME., requirements More than one language...

Google and Facebook ban in india

India is about to ban offensive content from internet , after facebook the government is behind google asking to ban objectionable contents from their websites,unfortunately the companies reported its not that...

Adsense Extension for Google Chrome

    The much awaited google adsense extension for chrome on the stage., :) get your copy from here Adsense account can be viewed with out leaving the current page we are viewing At a...

Access History in chrome with a single click

access history in single click , chrome

Easiest way of Creating QR Codes

Create QR Code in Seconds