Blackberry Short codes and Shortcuts

Here is some useful tips i came across , share yours in comments




To zoom in before taking a picture, press the Volume Up key. To zoom out press the Volume Down key


Delete multiple emails? Highlight any email & hold down Caps while scrolling up or down. (Then delete)

Scroll down and Up

In a long message? Hit the space bar to jump down the page, B to go to the bottom and T to go back to the top!

View IMEI Number

*#06# imei number

Change Signal Strength Mode

Alt +NMLL – Signal strength in Digits

View Event Log

Alt + LGLG Event Log

View System Information


Soft reset a blackberry device


Short Codes

1. Type mypin <Press Space> it will display Device PIN

2. myver <Press Space> Device Version

3. LD – Local Date

4. LT – Local Time


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