Android shortcut keys, must have ones


Android is the most popular and widely used open souce mobile platform with mostly touch interface. unlike numpad and qwerty touch interface need shortcuts to reach goals. with shortcuts android is a breeze to use

Here is some very useful shortcuts i ma frequently using

Create a Desktop Shortcut

Longpress on the icon , shortcuts will be placed on desktop

Arrange icons

Long press on the icon till slight vibration , now keep pressing and drag to position , it ll keep grid alignment and order as desired

Romove a Shortcut

Long press again and drag to the bottom remove bar

Goto Desktop from application

Long press the Center button, will switch to desktop

Close a running app

  • Long press the center key
  • Click on Taskmanager fromt the popup window, on active applications there will be end button against all running apps

Uninstall an App

  • Long press center key, Click on Task Manager,
  • Now select package tab, slect un install bitton against app need to be uninstalled

View RAM/Storage usage

In task manager click on RAM to view memory usage and on Summary to use storage statistics

To Get battery life

Switch off Wifi, Bluetooth whenever not needed from the top draging panel, or click on left touch button-> Notifications

Add more Desktops (virtual desktops)

  • Clcik on Left touch button
  • -> Edit and Press “+” button to add more desktops

Get settings

  • Goto Left touchbutton
  • -> Settings is a direct option there

to be continued and request all readers to share their shortcuts in comments – thanks


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