Android kitkat 4.4.3 features



Today morning I got 4.4.3 android update on my Google nexus 5. Download was sized around 92.2 MB.  I was on WiFi and download started seamless but after 20 % it stopped
On this stage I switched to mobile data and on this switch there come a retry button again 10 % more went and stopped again I repeat the same procedure of disconnect then connect and after a couple of times download finished and I was directed to restart machine. And the phone started updating .even after I got home screen it went on optimizing apps and after another 10 minutes everything came to place.



I didn’t went through all features yet on first look I observed these changes.

1. Contact list updated
2.on wallpaper selection there is a pic picture from gallery option list icons replaced as of gmail
4.All apps maintained safe. And optimized too
5.Dialer changed


6.Color theme changed to blue
Will update more on finding . keep posting your observations


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