Android for Netbook , Laptops and Desktops-the android86 project


Android the new revolutionary OS from google is playing its role on Tablets, and Mobile devices and got a wide variety of listeners in all segments with its google driven interface .This feature rich operating system intially limited to devices designed for Android and like meego and chrome OS it is not readily available for Computers including mini laptop,netbook and desktops . In one of the earlier article i explained about this version and at that time i dont have an installation on hand to detail the OS , now i got one instance of android on my computer and so lets have a look on features.The project bringing android to computer is named Android-x86 – Porting Android to x86,

first screen of my Android installation is as below



Download and Installation

Download ISO image :

Now we need a USB Installation creator as many of Netbooks lacks CD/DVD Drive

Download Linux Live USB Creator :

former link is android86 ISO image and latter one is a universal USB Installation tool from

Download Android-x86 1.6-r2 live & installation iso image and keep it in your hard drive or pen drive, Now install USB Creator and Run it after installation, the screen look like this


As Android 86 is a compatibility package i cant recomment it to keep on your HDD alongside. So better you make a USB Boot drive and Boot from this Drive to experiece it before installing on your HDD

on the Linux Live USB Creator follow these steps

  1. Select your USB Drive
  2. Browse the downloaded ISO on second box
  3. If you want Virtualbox Running in windows Check the box on 4th box
  4. Click on the Icon to start creation

With in 5 minutes the USB Drive will be prepared, and now go to your Laptop/Netbook to make a try

  • Boot from the Prepared USB
  • Select First option of the boot screen (try with out installation)


Boot screen ( caught in Mobile cam)


my first boot hardly take 1 minute to get the android desktop, take a look on this


Yes , now we are in Android ( Android 86 version)

right click on your desktop to get task bar like benu

main menu from right arrow menu is shown as first picture on top


from here we can go to the main settings window. this settings interface is fully equipped with all managable options



Browsing in android 86 resembles same as browsing in an android tab like samssung galaxy tab, the google interface coming over is the design google made for tabs, here is the screen


up on search also the mobile friendly theme is resulting, anyhow we can well manage this to the conventional screen with the ase of 2 clicks on left menu


Email client also looks good and is pretty easy to manage, this will take our settings from the address itself. but in my experiece when i tried to send email it ended with one android native error, but the email successfully reached inbox, this like bugs are good in number there, even its s different experiece navigating here and there in android

As the OS is a straight port from mobile interface to PC version, some of mobile phone options are shipped with no use on this distro , one of the main option is Contacts


here Call and Text Messaging , both are senseless and Email is working smooth!, while trying to send. same way how this dialer, Messaging, camcoder, call log like features function in PC, thease things need to be fixed first. but over all while concluding


  • Speed of boot , it boots in 16 seconds ( on my dell mini 1018)
  • Connections are hazzle free
  • menus are friendly
  • response time to clicks decreased from any os
  • faster browsing
  • Easy keyboard management
  • good ssh
  • settings got good interface


  • Some senseless mobile menu popus almost every where
  • keyboad layout (virtual) popping up every where
  • Wifi Connectivity issues
  • Contacts message box why its here?
  • No settings for Media
  • SD Card based gallery…?
  • app store have apps for phones, here listing all compatible and incompatible apps

Try android 86, this will be a different experiece and share your experiece with us…


abhilash, is a programmer by profession and a technology addict with a passion towards browsing , shopping and imaging . My views may be biased on reviews. all images and videos are copyrighted to respective owners.


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