advantages of chrome over other browsers


the reason is simple , its SPEED of loading and simplicity in brief

and ofcourse its FREE and opensource



in 2008 after its first launch i constantly using the browser in office and home tilldate,

the most catching feature is its omnibox implimentation, where search bar and address bar occupying the same text area

tabs are on title bar, not amoung controls for the first time

I notices chrome is atleast double time faster than any other browser, both in browser and content loading

unlike others chrome minimises popus than blocking it for later referene and so there is no popup blocker messages on top

bookmarking, is another cool implementation, one click bookmarking got mass appreciation and on contenxt menu of all bookmarks we can open on new window or tab

Gmail Drag n Drop is implemented in chrome

Javascript V8 improved its client side management speedier than in any browser

Now chrome webstore offers plenty of pluggins for various needs and almost all FRE


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