Advanced Gmail Search Tricks



"Search Mail" function is the better way to find emails.A list of Gmail operators you can  search via the search box in your Gmail.

Format: "keyword"

Example: "meeting agenda"

Format: subject:keyword

Example: subject:Google Alert

Format: from:<name>

Example: from:hongkiat



Format: to:<name>

Example: to:hongkiat



Format: in:<label name/inbox/trash/spam/anywhere>

Example: in:trash

Format: is:<starred/unread/read/chat>

Example: is:unread

Format: cc:<name> or

Example: cc:hongkiat or

Format: bcc:<name> or

Example: bcc:hongkiat or

Format: before:<yyyy/mm/dd>

Example: before:2010/07/01

Format: after:<yyyy/mm/dd> before:<yyyy/mm/dd>

Example: after:2010/06/01 before:2010/07/01

Format: label:<label name>

Example: label:Comments

Format: filename:<filename.format>

Example: filename:presentation.pdf

Format: filename:<format>

Example: filename:pdf

Format: has:attachment

Example: from:hongkiat has:attachment

Here are some operators that allows you to yeild more specific and accurate results.

Format: operator:value -operator:value

Example: has:attachment -filename:zip

Format: operator:value OR operator:value

Example: OR

Format: operator:value AND operator:value

Example: AND has:attachment

Few Advanced Gmail Search Examples:

The possibility of manipulating these operators are quite limitless. Here are some of the combination of search queries use frequently or find useful.

   1. Example: in:inbox label:inimish is:unread
   2. Example: in:anywhere from:peter
   3. Example: is:unread after:2010/06/01 before:2010/07/01
   4. Example: from: has:attachment
   5. Example: in:inbox "meeting"
   6. Example: has:attachment filename:zip
   7. Example: "facebook"
   8. Example: to:peter OR cc:peter
   9. Example: label:google OR
  10. Example: "meeting" is:chat


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