Add USB Support to your Old Car stereo



As the technoloy upgrades traditional Cassette player and Audio CD Players are replaced by variety of audio formats and players including mp3 , wma etc.. . Same way convensional CD players are re innovated with USB interface and with in these players CD and DVD are rarely used and USB get dominated because of its flexibility and speed.

But what we do with our old Car stereo for which we spend a good amount and is in a very good condition after years. Branded players dont allow additional pluggins and if we do this way it may affect the device badly.

At last i reached on a device, called FM Modulator with which we can connect to a normal Cigarrette Lighter socket (12V ~ 24V DC Power) or Mobile charger Socket.

From a series of brands( most of them from china) i bought Worldtech, and is satisfied with its performance. The device surprised me in simplicity and interface., All its functions are self explanatory and friendly

My FM Modulator got a Sockets to play MP3/ WMA formats from USB Pen drive & SD/MMC Cards., Again the device include 1.5 LCD screen Displays audio File information & Frequency., and Wireless Remote. the device supports supports 206 preset Channels with 87.5 MHZ – 108.0 MHZ


  • Connect the device to Cigarrette Lighter socket ( remove the cap if any)
  • Switch On Stereo
  • Change Mode (source) to FM Tuner
  • ( By default the modulator works on 93.2 MHz, anyhow we can change it any time)
  • Search on FM to 93.2
  • Insert a USB Stic or MMC card
  • Car stereo will start playing Music, but to change track or folder we need to do it from the device or from the device remote (not our car stereo remote)
  • The device supports 3.5 MM Audio jack for headsets

1 more application

If we dont want to listen music through Car stereo. the back seat members can access the FM Channel with their Mobilephones that support FM

To acess just turn your FM Radio on phone to the frequency of the device ( here it is 93.2 MHZ)



My device connected to my cars Cigarrette Lighter socket



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