Access Linux GUI From Windows


There are a variety of tools for accessing linux console from windows, ie using telnet,ssh etc etc… but to access GUI of Linux (of course X ) from windows , unfortunately there is not a good number of solutions available, following is the ultimate solution for the same


Here Utilities needed to accomplish this are as below

1. SSH Client tool ( Putty)

2. X Server Solution ( Xming)

Next Download both the tools

Download Putty From Here
Download Xming From Here


Now Install Xming

it will appear on tray as below

xming on tray

If we uncheck the Hide root window X will came visible as below

xming on tray


This is the X Environment provided by Xming., Next is to connect to the server (linux) from windows. I am using Putty to connect ,



Here we need to tell putty where X Server resides

for this go to SSH Menu item on left and expand

Click on X11 and Check Enable X11 forwarding

again Give X display location = localhost:0 ( exactly as the picture)



Click on Open

and login then give any x command to execute keeping Xming window live here for eg. I am running gedit

putty x

If you want to run Gnome itself Give command


instead of




Will Continue with more methods …. Keep Visiting…, don’t forget to leave comments if it helps you


  1. thanks a lot ABHILASH v have been successfully implemented Linux gui mode from windows platform …. its working fine …..
    but one thng do we need to do all this steps all the time when we connect to linux from windows


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