Access Linux Drives from Windows

Explore2fs is a GUI explorer tool for accessing ext2 and ext3 filesystems. It runs under all versions of Windows and can read almost any ext2 and ext3 filesystem.

A beta version of Virtual Volumes is now available. This is a technology preview for Explore2fs 2. Virtual Volumes also has the ability to read ReiserFS and many other filesystems.

Supported versions of Windows:
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows 98SE
Windows ME
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows XP SP2
Windows Server 2003

Reads ext2
Reads ext3
Drag & Drop
1.44Meg Floppy Disk Support
LS120 Floppy Disk Support
ZIP & Jazz Disk Support
USB & CF Disk Support
CDROM Support
Supports Windows 98 extended partition scheme
Export files as binary
Export files as text
Export directory
View/Execute file
Large disk support
Large file support
ReiserFS Detection
Unicode UTF8 support
Preserve time stamps on export


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