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Online apps are much popular these days, even on a mobile device we cant imagine without internet,tablets and netbooks all are breathing with the net., The most facinating factor of web apps are mobility, we can access our apps from anywhere.

This made web apps this popular, again system requirements and time for installation, upgradation like headaches are not there in case of web apps , sharing also get wide enhancements,diversions to web apps can bring hazzle free and once made it ll be applicable user wide with out even a single step from end users for upgradation.

Bug fixation also got new dimentions and almost all web apps runs with no bugs(can say)

What ever the situation is , there is time where no internet is available, like in train,bus , and in plane. Here we have to think of offline access to the apps atleast for the time we are not connected Google apps team is working hard on this case and already they come up with few of these apps Gmail offline is one of them,with which we can read our mails when we are not connected.

When in to Google App , all the applications are widely used and accessing these applications offline can help many to trust mail than ever, google team is in its way to bring offline versions to all leading apps in near future,as a first step Gmail Offline is on the store with its first version











Gmai Offline is a chrome HTML 5 application which allows gmail access even if internet is not present and is based on Gmail Tablet application. Find the application here

After installation this app Will find on chrome new tab and will open in new tab in a tabbed interface, actually this is the mobile interface used in phones and in tabs where mail availability is possible in offline mode too

Image of this box is as below


( NB: Image blured intentionally)

Options available for this application can be acced with Context menu (right click on the icon)


We can open it on pinned tab (smaller tab), in new window or in full screen and at the same time we can create shortcuts on Desktop or on Quick launch

When created in QuickLaunch it looked like



We can allow this application to sync with our online content by letting Crome to Run applications on background, goto

Settings >> Under the Bonnet check Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed


this will let chrome to run on tray when closed


once checked Gmail will Download your mails from Google Servers to your Chrome for offline access and it ll show how much downloaded on left bottom pane as below


when this synchronization is over you will be able to access all your mails and you can even archeive mails from this tabbed interface, the compose window also got even better


we can save draft locally and send later from here


abhilash, is a programmer by profession and a technology addict with a passion towards browsing , shopping and imaging . My views may be biased on reviews. all images and videos are copyrighted to respective owners.

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