4.3 million Gmail accounts Hacked in Auguest 2014, Check if your account is in list


gmail-password-hackedA Number of reports are publishing with a shocking news that 4.93 million Gmail accounts with passwords are publishing to some russian websites, This was firstly reported by Russian CNews. Google responded to this news and states , it might be from malware infected PCS where they save passwords and those malware vendors might copied directly. How ever this is really shocking

If you want to check if your Google account, which is the gateway to your Gmail, Plus, Drive, Hangout, YouTube accounts as well, has been compromised, then simply click this link and provide your Gmail ID.

Check if your account is compromised

If you want to make sure you were not in that ist , Click on this link. If Listed make yoursef safe by changing your password to a much complex one., Meabi.com strongly recommend you to change passwords periodically



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