PowerBand – Broadband Internet through electricity lines

BPL(Broadband over Power Lines) is a new technology to access data over powerlines. This made practical in US and further studies continued there. Simply this is the technology where PCs plugged into a power outlet is implicitly connecting to internet with out having a separate line or wireless access to get data. Here data coming together with the AC line. the Alternating Current is mixed up with RF Signals and these AC and RF Signal vibrates in the same freqyency and not interfere each other. This technology is also called power-line Internet or powerband.


img courtesy : expresscomputeronline.com


  • Imaging Applicances like TV and PC over same powerline can communicate through the same line.
  • Infra structure cost will come down drastically
  • Maintenance Easy
  • Uptime Guarenteed as Electricity is a necessary service
  • and lot more